Blockcharge will pave the way for the future electrification of mobility in societies around the world. Very soon, Blockcharge technology will be used for any kind of vehicles – including drones. Blockcharge is looking for a decentralized future.


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Project Description

Blockcharge is a working prototype for Electric Vehicle Charging on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Blockcharge is starting by revolutionizing charging of electric vehicles.

In 2050, 66 % of the world population will live in cities. But already today there are big polluted megacities. The growing number of gas powered vehicle is destroying our cities. For this reason, several countries are committed to deliver on electric vehicle deployment targets, signaling their long-term commitment to vehicle electrification and improving quality of life. Putting all these countries together, we expect to see 24 million electric vehicles on the street by 2020.
Yet, in 2016, the worldwide total number of electric vehicles is still well under a million.

The current usage of electric vehicle is hampered by

  • a lack of charging infrastructure
  • too many types of charging contracts
  • no interoperability
  • poor transparency
  • no simple, contractless charging

And this is where Blockcharge comes in!

Blockcharge is a blockchain based, peer-to-peer charging technology that consists of three main elements:

The Smart Plug – the charging station for Blockcharge. The Smart Plug has a small but powerful computer chip inside, controlling who is authorized to use it. It's incredibly simple to install and is used like a normal plug.

The Blockcharge App – it authorizes the customer to use a Smart Plug with no middlemen and visualizes the charging process.

The blockchain – a cryptographically secured, decentralized system that manages and records all of the payment and charging data. Blockcharge uses blockchain technology to build up a contract-less payment system, providing a seamless user experience alongside a fully transparent and safe payment process to the customer.

With a combination of these three main elements, Blockcharge will offer a fully automated, worldwide authentication, charging and billing solution with no middleman. Electric vehicles or their owners authenticate themselves via a smart contract at the charging pole. The charging pole switches the power on and starts the charging process. Billing is done automatically via the use of cryptocurrencies. The blockchain offers an affordable and seamless way to establish a global charging infrastructure.

Very soon, Blockcharge technology will be used for any kind of vehicles – including drones. These drones will authorize themselves – recharge and paying automatically – flying away to deliver your precious goods.

Blockcharge – The future will be decentralized

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